Tuesday, May 17, 2016

DOWNLOAD FREE Angry Birds Transformers 1.1.31 APK ANDROID APK

Download Free Angry Birds Transformers 1.1.31 APK
Angry Birds Transformers 1.1.31 APK
Download Angry Birds Transformers 1.1.31 APK Free
Download Angry Birds Transformers 1.1.31 APK New
Angry Birds Transformers app for Android has just been updated adds new ftures and some improvements. Ites with a new wpon, new map and more. Hd into Google Play to download or pick the latest version of apk file below.

is an arcade game which is very additive for the whole family to use. If you like transformers and angry birds, you'll like this. The Angry Birds right here is Epic with the theme music just right. It brings you back to the old transformers and makes you go back to your childhood for a little bit so if you're an adult. The game also gives you a grt excuse to be playing all of the time.

The graphics, music and levels are so much more interesting then other versions of angry birds. Ites very different from a traditional Angry Birds game, but still has that quirky and fun feel that you'd expect.

A grt one and sy to play, while still retaining the core essence of Angry Birds. However, this actually doesn't feel like an Angry birds game whatsoever. It's pretty much a shooting game with a sort of twist to it. Once you start you can't put it down.

Here are the list what's new in Angry Birds Transformers on Android:

- New Wpon --> Sentinel Prime, Bludgeon and SoundBlaster are packing new firepower!

- rn Gems --> Now you can get gems bypleting achievements!

- Buddy System --> See who has used your bots and when!

- Update Map --> Navigating just got sier!

Requires Android: 4.0+

Download File: 40MB ()

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