Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Download Free Turbo Dismount 1.4.4 APK
Turbo Dismount 1.4.4 APK
Download Turbo Dismount 1.4.4 APK Free
Download Turbo Dismount 1.4.4 APK New
Secret Exit is rolling out an update for the Simulation game Turbo Dismount for Android, removed touchscreen requirement, along with some improvement and bug fixed. After players had problems with the game, the developer helped us and now the game works perfectly.

Turbo Dismount is now available on mobile, just like turbo dismount on PC, this game is a ft of glory. It has an awesome physics engine, rivaling the likes of bmNG drive and next car game, and has an awesome slow-mo mode which was sorely missed on stair dismount. If you liked Stair Dismount, you would like this. Pretty much the same as the PC version if you've played it.

In Turbo Dismount, you have to control a manikin e that perform dth-defying motor stunts, crash into walls, crte traffic pile-ups of epic scale - and share the fun. There's something funny about putting your face on a crash test dummy and watching yourself fly off ramps.

If you like to watch vehicles being torn to pieces in slow motion, this game is for you. The visual style of this game is much like Stair Dismount with some nice music and design. Ites with new vehicles, levels, and obstacles add more mayhem to have fun with. Overall, Turbo Dismount is like an evolution from Stair Dismount from the addition of vehicles and customizations, with the same unique style and fun physics action.

Want to try it out? Download Turbo Dismount for free on the Google Play or pick .apk file below so you can transfer and install it sily on your Android phone or tablet.

Requires Android: 4.1+

Download File: 53MB (Turbo Dismount APK)

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