Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Download Free RETRY 1.4.6 APK
Download RETRY 1.4.6 APK Free
Download RETRY 1.4.6 APK New
Rovio, the developer behind a of popular mobile games for iOS and Android, has relsed an update to its arcade game Retry with some improvements and bug fixes. The game added support for devices using X86 Atom chipset. Hd into Google Play to download the latest version or pick apk file here.

is a good game about flying an airplane. You have to control your plane into obstacles, or you could collect coins on the way to get cool stuff. The difficulty is high, it's challenging but entertaining in the vain of old-school platformers and with a control scheme well suited to mobiles. If you like challenging platformers, you should enjoy this.

There is a rson why Rovio call this game "Retry" - and it's because you'll be doing a ridiculous amount of retrying on nrly every level. Its addicting and its like any addictive games, you get frustrated when you can't bt a level. This game will force obscenities out of your mouth that you thought never existed. You'll scare your neighbors when you scrm out of frustration. But for some rson you'll keep trying again and again.

Similar to but with a little more depth. There is a lot of toppings that must be timed right, but slightly more forgiving in that you are not always one wrong tap from having to start over. The fact that you play through levels allows you always to have a new challenge. And, unlike Flappy Bird or , crashing or failing is half the fun.

If you playedputer games in the 80s and loved them then you will quickly rlize that the simple controls for this game are actually even better. Retry has 80's style soundtrack with rlly fun mechanic and not riddled with annoying ads, this is how a freemium game should be.

Requires Android: 2.3+

Download File: 47MB ()

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