Tuesday, May 17, 2016

DOWNLOAD FREE Assassin’s Creed Unity App 1.0.3 APK ANDROID APK

Download Free Assassin’s Creed Unity App 1.0.3 APK
Assassin’s Creed Unity App 1.0.3 APK
Download Assassin’s Creed Unity App 1.0.3 APK Free
Download Assassin’s Creed Unity App 1.0.3 APK New
is an awesomepanion app that helps you to link to your actual game and now, the latest version has arrived on the Google Play Store. Relsed as v1.0.3, this update is pretty hefty on improvements, bug fixes and changes. After the update everything works as intended.

Thispanion app is absolutely brilliant. They basically replaced the Assassin's Missions in-game, topanion app. And If you're an assassins creed fan you should love this. It a lot like the mini games in brotherhood. You're being able to take care of your assassins while still playing as Arno on your system. The ability to look at the map while in game is cool too.

Ubisoft has been doing this with all games, they set you back to zero upon relse. This is a funpanion to the game. It looks better than any other , feels fluid and has some pretty nt ftures that otherpanions don't have.

The connection between the appliion and the game is grt that you can access your database from it. It's the useful app that you can play on that actually affects your main game. You are slaying the second screen experience right now.

Here are the list what's new in Assassin’s Creed Unity App on Android:

- Fixes issues when playing on 2 different HD platforms

- Fixes graphical corruption on some devices

- Fixes crashes on premium audio tracks

- Fixes tutorial progression brk when a strong assassin is hired for the second mission

The update is live right now if you have the app installed and if you've been waiting to grab APK Link Assassins Creed Unity App, now is the time to do.

Requires Android: 2.3+

Download File: 16.5MB ()

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