Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download [] 3D Pigua Kung Fu Apk v1.0.7 Free

3D Pigua Kung Fu Apk v1.0.7
Download 3D Pigua Kung Fu Apk v1.0.7 Free []
Download 3D Pigua Kung Fu Apk v1.0.7 New []

3D Pigua Kung Fu Apk Free Download

Requirements For the Android 2.3.3+

3D Pigua Kung Fu Free Apk Full Download

Overview: Piguaquan. It mn literally "Chop-Hanging Fist". Because it is emphasis on palm techniques,so also known as Piguazhang ("Chop-Hanging Palm"). Piguaquan is a special style of Traditional Chinese martial arts that ftures explosive and long-range attack.

The power of Piguaquan is from the accelerated force of the arms which are often in rotation and swing. In other words. You may imagine that your body likes a whip, the waist is the handle of this whip, the hands are the end of the whip, and the poweres from both feet.

Piguaquan is often practiced with Bajiquan. There is a Chinese martial arts proverb that goes : "When pigua is added to baji, gods and demons will all be terrified. When baji is added to pigua, heroes will sigh knowing they are no match against it."

With appropriate design and programming, it allows users:

1.To lrn Piguaquan without limitation of viewpoints.

2.To play and pause the presentation.

3.To quickly srch and play a certain form by using a scrolling bar.

4.To watch the animation in lower speed

5.To select single motion or all motions to lrn 4 route 16 knack of Piguaquan.

What's New:

Adjusted character model.

Support x86 devices.


Download Instructions:

Android Apk Full Download
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