Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download [] DS Super AppKeeper Pro v5.2 APK Free

DS Super AppKeeper Pro v5.2 APK
Download DS Super AppKeeper Pro v5.2 APK Free []
Download DS Super AppKeeper Pro v5.2 APK New []

DS Super AppKeeper Pro Free Download

Requirements For the Android 2.2 and up

DS Super AppKeeper Pro Free Apk Download

Overview: This is enhanced version of "DS Super AppKeeper Lite",pare to lite version, it:

1. removed ads;

2. add "Backup app data" function for installed apps;

3. add "Restore app data" function for backup app, which has backup app data;

4. add "one tap backup apps";

5. add "share apps" to others;

6. low CPU cost;

7. has slim app size;

A MUST have remover/backup/install tool for GEEKs!(ROOTed user only!)

It is simple, sy, but powerful app! It is MUCH MORE than normal app installer/remover! It is:

1. Advanced app remover/uninstaller: It can remove/backup useless system apps sily! It will also show tips to user about the importance of certain system app.

2. Silent batch app uninstall/install: User do not need to uninstall apps and confirm ch of them one by one. We provide silent batch uninstaller for you.

3. Multi version backup management: This app can manage multi version backup for a single app. In many case, you may find the old version is better than new version for some apps, this can help you to manage all of them!

4. Swap install function: It can one- install user app backup file as system app, or one- install system app backup (which has no odex file) as user app;

5. Remove system version of system update app: Update version of system app takes more space than normal app, since the system version is still exist on device after updated. This function can remove the system version and reinstall updated version with single operation and get more memory space.

6. Auto backup, can backup new app automatically.

(Attention: A REBOOT is required for removing system app to take effectpletely!)


1. (Batch) remove user/system app;

2. (Batch) install user/system app;

3. Backup user/system app, including auto backup;

4. Install system app as user app;

5. Install user app as system app;

6. View app details;

7. View app n market;

System Requirement:

1. A ROOTed phone;

2. USB debugging enabled (Go to System Settings->Appliion->Developemnt->USB debugging);

What's New

1. Update SDK version;


Download Instructions:

Android Apk Full Download
Direct Download

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