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Download [] Floating Toucher Premium Apk v2.9 Free

Floating Toucher Premium Apk v2.9
Download Floating Toucher Premium Apk v2.9 Free []
Download Floating Toucher Premium Apk v2.9 New []

Floating Toucher Premium Apk Free Download

Requirements For the Android 2.3 and up

Floating Toucher Premium Free Apk Full Download

Overview: Floating Toucher is specially designed for Android. Floating Toucher is a button floats on your screen over other apps, and you can move it anywhere.

Media Reviews

"very well designed and polished app, from its concept and functionality, to the smooth and logical Holo interface". - XDA Developers

"gives you a persistent, on-screen button (that you can drag around) to tap with a quick access wheel packed with shortcuts, utilities, apps, and more". - Life

"The concept behind Floating Touch is simple: a small, customizable floating toggle resides wherever you place it on the screen. Tapping that toggle launches a dial chock-full of useful shortcuts รข€“ it's sort of like 's "Ring," but far more customizable." - AndroidPolice

Floating Toucher is specially designed for Android, which is a button floating on your screen over other apps, and you can move it anywhere. Floating Toucher contains mostmonly used switches of Android system and all installed apps, you could control your device or open your favor app sily without exiting current app. Pie style of it control panel is elegant and sy to use. Support 3 screens to show more icons.

Besides that, you can make it unique by:

1. Customizing the panel functions, pick your mostmonly used switches or favor apps.

2. Crting folder for apps or switches.

3. Changing the floating button style, or DIY your own button.

4. Changing the panel's color, or customize your own color.

5. Set the black list to auto hide the point.

6. Customize the click action of point.

Ftures list:

1. Clr memory

2. Back/Home button (Need ROOT)

3. Favor apps

4. Recent apps

5. Battery display

6. Lock screen

7. System switches

-Screen brightness

-Ring mode




-APN (Mobile network)



-Airplane mode

-WIFI hotspot

Premium Ftures:

- DIY Point

- More Panels

- Point Auto Hide

- Crte Folder

- Panel Color

- Custom Point Action

- Remove Ads


Why I cannot uninstall Floating Toucher?

The "Lock screen" fture requires activating device administrator, so you have to dctivate it in security settings before installing.

There are two ways to uninstall it:

1. Open floating touch, go to settings page, find the "Uninstall" option. (Rmend)

2. First, go to "System settings" -> "Security settings" -> "Device administrators" dctivate "Floating Toucher", then uninstall Floating Toucher in a normal way.

What's New

V2.9 update:

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1. bugs fix and performance enhancement.


Download Instructions:

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