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Download [] GPS Tracker Car TK SMS Apk v1.9.6 Free

GPS Tracker Car TK SMS Apk v1.9.6
Download GPS Tracker Car TK SMS Apk v1.9.6 Free []
Download GPS Tracker Car TK SMS Apk v1.9.6 New []

GPS Tracker Car TK SMS Apk Free Download

Requirements For the Android 1.6 and up |patible GPS

GPS Tracker Car TK SMS Free Apk Full Download

Overview: Austral GPS Tracker (GPS Tracking by SMS GSM) helps you to track and set your

GPS Tracker from a huge of manufacturers (Xexun and full list in the end).

Updated: April 29, 2014

Austral GPS Tracker (GPS Tracking by SMS GSM) helps you to track and set your GPS Tracker from a huge of manufacturers (Xexun and full list in the end).

Tired of sendingplex SMS to your GPS Tracker Xexun or clone devices, or paying monthly fees to someone track your car or motorcycle? How about controlling your device with a few clicks from your Android smartphone?





With the Austral GPS Car Tracker you can monitor your vehicles (boat, etc), people and animals tracked by devices Xexun and others from your Droid smartphone with a few clicks at a cost of SMS messages.

Apps like GO SMS PRO, Handcent, LINE or WhatsApp are very good, but sometimes they are set to block sending SMS to others app and in these cases our app isn't allowed to receive the messages from the GPS Tracking. You can fix it by changing how these apps work.

On the main screen just select the brand, model, phone and of your GPS Tracking and click OK.

In our app we have 4 main screens:

- Dashboard: where you can check your vehicle’s current loion, speed and distance from your smartphone. All of these in a simple and intuitive screen with a map.

- Loions: when and where your vehicle went since you installed the app. Also it shows the rl address of that loion, no more Latitude and Longitude!

- Events: know themands you sent and received from your device in an sily rding form that anyone can understand.

- Settings: here you can send somemands to your device like changing the , change the GPS mode, listen to your car, cut vehicle’s engine, GeoFence, define over speed and move alerts and much more.

You also receive light and sound warnings indiing that the vehicle was moved, if the alarm was triggered, SOS was pressed or the vehicle was exceeding the speed you defined!

EXCLUSIVE FTURE! Now you can define your GeoFence using a map by pressing the threshold points you want (top left and bottom right) and then send it to your tracker.

Fuel Control: Control your spending on fill ups! Know your car's efficiency.

Plse, uninstall the free version if you install the full one to avoid receiving SMS in the wrong version.

You can find the manual and some tips in our blog.


Available in english, portuguese, spanish, italian, german, french, dutch, polski and русский.

If you have any questions or suggestions, plse do not hesitate to contact us via australsystems@ before giving us a bad review. If you have an id, send us!

Also we are working hard to make itpatible with another trackers or clone devices, so if you have something that isn’t working like it should, just send us an email with the SMS message that we will fix it as soon as possible.

- Xexun TK 103-2, TK 103, TK 102-2, TK 102, TK 101, TK 201-2, TK 201, TK 202, TK 203, TK 206, XT 008, XT 009, XT 107

- SmarTrack KX300, KX301, KX302, KX402

- ZY International TK 102B, TK 103, TK 103B, TK 104, TK 106, TK 106B, TK 008

- Coban GPS 103-B, GPS 103-A, GPS 102-B, GPS 102, GPS 107, GPS 106-B, GPS 106-A, GPS 104

- Zclelec GPS TK 203, GPS TK 201


- Meitrack/Meiligao VT300, VT310, VT400, GT30i, GT60

- Technaxx GPS Tracker 1

- Timson TK 104, TK 103-2, TK 102-2, TK 103, TK 102

- Orange TK 103, TK 102

- GPS Vision TK 102 V6, TK 102 V3

- China TK 106

- Hashtag # TK 102


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