Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download [] Life Of Black Tiger v1.2 APK Free

Life Of Black Tiger v1.2 APK
Download Life Of Black Tiger v1.2 APK Free []
Download Life Of Black Tiger v1.2 APK New []

Life Of Black Tiger Free Apk Download

Requirements For the Android 2.3+

Life Of Black Tiger Free Apk Full Download

The story of the game is about a black tiger, born as a variant and abandoned by his parents and brothers, fights against human and shows his love to his family

Game Story:

Born as a black tiger, I was abandoned by my parents from the time I was born.

I’ve been alone and nobody was at my side.

Whatever things I find are all my enemy. I will make all of you scared of me.

Animal called as human is what I dislike the most. They smell bad.

You are not going to pass by here alive.

Game Mode:

◈ Life Story Mode

◈ Open Mission Mode

◈ Multi Play PvP Mode*

Game Mission:

Human hunting

They are relaxing on the frozen river. Hunt them and their hunting dogs.

● A female tiger

Right after saving me, she lves for her own way. Follow her back not to be far away.

● Invasion by a br

A br is thrtening the pregnant female tiger. Let’s go back and deft the br.

● My loving family

Let’s take the female tiger and my little baby in the forest. I’ll tch the path in the forest to my baby.

● Crazy wild dogs

Crazy wild dogs by starving followed the smell of my baby and thrtening my family. Let’s deft them with the female tiger.

● Starvation

We couldn’t t anything for a while. But there will be animal corpse somewhere. Let’s avoid poisoned rotten animals and find fresh ones to fill our stomach.

● Relations

A leopard is running from human. Let’s deft human with the leopard together.


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