Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download [] MAYDAY! Emercy Landing Apk v1.0.12 Free

MAYDAY! Emercy Landing Apk v1.0.12
Download MAYDAY! Emercy Landing Apk v1.0.12 Free []
Download MAYDAY! Emercy Landing Apk v1.0.12 New []

MAYDAY! Emercy Landing Apk Free Download

Requirements For the Android 2.3 +

MAYDAY! Emercy Landing Free Apk Full Download

Overview: More than 6 million pilots all around the world can't be wrong. Join today the most exciting flight sim experience and land your airplane saving all the passengers.

Emercy Landing makes you feel like a rl aircraft pilot. Face the most dangerous wther conditions and aircraft failures and fly your passengers safely home.

You have just one objective: to land safely – sy to play, difficult to master. Will you make it?

•Handle your device like a rl aircraft console.

•Maintain constant airspeed and secure afortable angle of descent by varying the engine power and using all the aircraft instrumentation.

•Progress through a wide variety of difficulty levels and incrse your ranking to be a pro pilot.

•Face the most diverse wther conditions: hvy rain, fog, strong wind, turbulence, night landings.

•Manage hrtbrking airplane failures: flaps, gr, engine.

•5 brthtaking scenarios all around the world: countryside, desert, sside, city, tropical islands.

•4 type of surfaces: landing strip, motorway, ground, water.

•92 missions, plus extra missions relsed monthly.

Offers in-app purchases

Why you should try landing a giant passenger plane:

-Have you always drmed to be a pilot? Want to try the experience of saving desperate passengers like a hero?

-Have you always just booked your flights online? Want to experience the emotion of flying the rl bst for free?

-Have you always just driven your car? Do you need more speed and adrenaline?

-Have you been lost in fantasy worlds riding dragons? Do you want a total immersion in a rlistic experience?

-Have you been waiting forever at the airport for your flight? Do you want to show them how it’s done in time?

What's New

* City Troubles: 1 new mission pack - 4 missions

* bug fix


Download Instructions:

Android Apk Full Download
Direct Download

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