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Download [] Pamn IP Scanner Apk v0.8.1 Free

Pamn IP Scanner Apk v0.8.1
Download Pamn IP Scanner Apk v0.8.1 Free []
Download Pamn IP Scanner Apk v0.8.1 New []

Pamn IP Scanner Apk Free Download

Requirements For the Android 2.1 and up | ROOT

Pamn IP Scanner Free Apk Full Download

Overview: Formerly titled "Nmap for Android."

This app is simply a wrapper around a crosspiled Nmap binary built for your Android phone.

Pamn IP Scanner (or PIPS) was formerly titled "Nmap for Android." Fyodor, the inventor of Nmap, asked me to change the name and icon to reduce user confusion.

This app is simply a wrapper around a crosspiled Nmap binary built for your Android phone.

Source available at ://pips.wjholden/src/ in accordance with the GNU Public .


Q: I want to run Nmap myself from a terminal. Where are the binaries?

A: The binaries are (usually) saved in /data/http://ift.tt/1nQUDzh.

Q: Is this a GPL violation?

A: I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think so. My sources are freely available and also d by the GPL. You are free to modify and redistribute my provided you share those changes back, IAW the GPL. Free software is not always zero cost.

Q: Where is the source ?

A: Distributing source along with Android appliions is a bit impractical. Download the source from ://nmap.wjholden/src/.

Q: Wait, you're not Fyodor!

A: This is NOT an official relse from ://nmap.org, this is simply a front-end that calls to a prpiled Nmap binary.

Q: Do I need root?

A: No! You can use this program with or without root, although there are a few advantages to having root. I've seen a few problems with -O for Operating System fingerprinting (this would happen on desktop Linux as well). Non-root users will usually need to use the --system-dns argument.

Q: What's up with Atrix?

A: I don't know why, but this program has never worked with the Atrix, despite extensive efforts towardpatibility.

Q: Is NSE supported?

A: No, NSE/LUA are not supported for now, but it's definitely on the radar for a future revision. Somemand-line arguments will not be available until then.

What's New

This long-delayed update brings a handful of small bugfixes and two new major ftures:

1) The program no longer does any form of verifiion.

2) A new fture at your Menu button will allow you to download support files (such as nmap-services) directly from SVN.

The source is freely available at ://pips.wjholden/src/PIPS_0.8.0.zip. Thank you for your patience and for using Pamn IP Scanner!


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