Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download [] Ruff's Bone v1.1.b.2 APK Free

Ruff's Bone v1.1.b.2 APK
Download Ruff's Bone v1.1.b.2 APK Free []
Download Ruff's Bone v1.1.b.2 APK New []

Ruff's Bone Free Apk Full Download

Requirements For the Android 2.3.3+

Ruff's Bone Free Apk Full Download

Overview:Recipient of the EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD from Children's Technology Review

A fully interactive storybook for young and emerging rders

Based on the award winning titles originally published by Living Books

Have you ever wished you could play inside a story and rlly interact with all the characters and words? Now you can! Ruff’s Bone is an imaginative and interactive rding experience with fully animated content loved by children, parents and tchers alike.

Wanderful brings every page of this remarkable to life. Rd and play along as the Ruff srches for his bone – from the bottom of the ocn to another planet. Will he find his bone and bring it back to his master?


• Interactive storybook in English and Spanish*

• Change language from any page in the story

• 12 fully animated and adventurous pages

• Virtually every item on ch pagees to life when clicked

• All words are "active" for extended word play and language lrning – click on any word to hr it spoken

• A hidden animated surprise on ch page –can you find Ruff’s bone before he does?

• Move between pages with the new scrolling page navigation

• Multiple settings to customize the App for your child’s rding experience

• Two modes: "Rd to Me" and the fully interactive "Let Me Play"

• Parental tips to help you get the most out of this Wanderful interactive storybook

• Tcher resources include a 33 page overview of Wanderful Classroom Activities and a free preview of the Ruff’s Bone Classroom Activities guide

• The full 66 page Activities guide is available from wanderful

Wanderful’s goal is to bring outstanding interactive storybooks to a new eration of children. We hope Ruff’s Bone provides your family, children and students with hours of story play.

Ruff’s Bone is written by Oscar-nominated Eli Noyes, whose work includes projects for Sesame Street, HBO, Scholastic, Nickelodeon, M, Pixar, Disney and Oxy Media.


Wanderful crtes engaging interactive storybooks for children that are eduional, fun, and above all safe and appropriate.

This app:

• does not collect any information

• does not contain ads

• does not contain in-app purchases, but has links to other Wanderful Apps

• includes active links to websites or social networks, but ONLY from the PARENTS and TCHERS pages, not from the storybook pages

• uses analytics to improve our app experience but only in aggregate and never with personally identifiable data


Download Instructions:

Android Apk Full Download
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