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Download [] SideControl Pro Apk v3.11 Free

SideControl Pro Apk v3.11
Download SideControl Pro Apk v3.11 Free []
Download SideControl Pro Apk v3.11 New []

SideControl Pro Apk Free Download

Requirements For the Android 4.0.3 and up

SideControl Pro Free Apk Full Download

Overview:With SideControl you get full control over your phone! From everywhere, at any time!

With SideControl you get full control over your phone! From everywhere, at any time!

Gestures | Sidebars | Multitasking - all in one!

Lock your phone, kill all running apps, switch to recent app or open latest notifiion with a swipe.

sily launch apps or even shortcuts to contacts, tasker profiles, bookmarks or similar.

Crte different SideBars with egories like apps, games, tools and launch them with a dedied gesture!

It's all your choice. Customize and speed up your phone handling.

sy multitasking! Simple, fast and efficient!

NEW: Use all 45+ SideControl actions in other apps! Start actions directly from your homescreen launcher!

Just add a new shortcut and select a SideControl action.


•patible with homescreen launchers (Nova, Go, ADW,..)

• Icon pack support (Nova, Go, ADW,..)

• xHalo mode support (floating window, Xposed)

• xMultiwindow mode support (Xposed)

• Xposed advaced ftures (root required)

• Low battery consumption

• Up to 3 Touch Ars to start Gestures (Custom size, style and position)

• Up to 8 predefined Gestures per Touch Ar

• Up to 4x Favorites Lists to egorize your Apps

• SideBar / GridView with Apps and Shortcuts

• Full Shortcut support (Tasker, System settings, Direct Calls, Messages,...)

• Fast and fluid handling

• sy configuration

• Backup & Restore settings


• Open Appliion/Shortcut (Direct Calls, System Settings, Tasker Profiles,...)

• Open last notifiion (4.3+)

• SideBar Recent Apps

• SideBar Notifiions (4.3+)

• SideBar Favorite Apps #1-4

• GridView Recent Apps

• GridView Notifiions (4.3+)

• GridView Favorite Apps #1-4

• Toggle 2 last Apps

• Last Apps (Cycle)

• Next Apps (Cycle)

• Show Settings Bar

• Show Notifiion Bar

• Go to Homescreen

• Open Taskmanager

• Flash/Torch (1 min. Timer)

• New Calendar Event

• New Message

• Toggle Auto Brightness

• Toggle WiFi

• Toggle Sound

• Music Pause,Play

• Music Next

• Music Previous

• Kill all running (Xposed)

• Kill foreground app (Xposed)

• Power menu (Xposed)

• Take screenshot (Xposed)

• Screen off (Xposed)

• Back (Xposed)

• Menu (Xposed)

• Srch (Xposed)

• Media Pause/Play (Xposed)

• Media Next (Xposed)

• Media Prev (Xposed)

• Kill foreground app & screen off (Xposed)

• Back & screen off (Xposed)

• Cancel all notifiions

To use Xposed ftures your phone needs to be rooted!


• Multiple SideBars / GridViews

• Recent apps, notifiions, favorite apps and shortcuts

• Crte different sidebars with egories like apps, games, tools ...

• Custom actions on Double tap, Long press, Push out

• Custom actions: Open in xHalo / xMultiwindow, Show app info, Kill app...

• Running apps indior

• Auto hide (6sec)

• Fully customizable style (Size, color, label, opacity, backgrounds, rotation...)



• Interested in translating? just follow link below and download files.

• If you experience any problems tell us, we will fix it!

• Any suggestions how to improve the app? let us know!

• ://forum.xda-developers/show....p?t=2672134

What's New

- NEW: Auto Open

notifiions in grid

when phone!

- NEW: Notifiion

preview on lockscreen

- NEW: Add SideControl

actions to SideBars

- NEW: Separate style section

for sidebar - gridview

- NEW: Custom width, icon size

backgrounds, italic, bold...

- NEW: Custom color picker

- NEW: Layouts

Icon left - text right

- NEW: Bluetooth toggle

- NEW: Action: Open call log

- NEW: Auto action on


- Open notifiion

- Open Gridview

- Bugfixes


Download Instructions:

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